High-end amenities offer the world in fitness, play and entertainment

These high-end amenities offer the world in fitness, play and entertainment. Whether it be to swim a few laps, teach your kids aerobics, take a morning yoga class or enjoy a movie with family over a humungous tub of home-made popcorn.

Green living is the king

At S&S Green Projects Green Fields, your mornings are bright and chirpy while your evenings are lazy and breezy. We believe in the healing power of nature. That’s why our homes are nestled in the lap of nature. Each with a private sit-out.
Beautiful landscaping boosts curb appeal and makes the outdoors, relaxing and rejuvenating. Soak in the sunshine, the sights and sounds of nature and sweet fragrances.

Signature clubhouse

There’s not a moment of peace and quiet in this 10,000 sq.ft spectacular clubhouse that keeps buzzing with fun and excitement. And the fun doesn’t go down with the sun. In fact, it only gets started. Everybody finds something to do at the clubhouse.

Community living is thriving

A healthy residential community is made of individuals who are actively learning on how to be neighbors, citizens and leaders. Each member has a part in the success of a community. No other community offers the variety of outlets for creative and personal expression as Green Fields. Nature and luxury share centerstage.
It features a number of defining benefits; from security to zero-ground traffic for kids and seniors.


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